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Wild As Her - New Modern Country Rock Pop Band

Wild As Her is deeply connected by a genuine and sincere love for Country Music. After listening to just a few bars, it’s pretty straightforward - their blend of sensitive to gospel-infused vocals and highly energetic guitars is genuinely explosive and carries broad emotion. 

Wild As Her is Caroline von Brünken and Chris Kaufmann, both no strangers to the music in-crowd of Germany. For over a decade, Caroline has written songs for countless artists, and until May 2022, Chris has been the guitarist of Germany’s best-known country band legend „Truck Stop“.
Wild As Her is their very first solo project. 

From the cradle to the grave or, more like from the bar to the altar, their songs tell stories from the heart or straight from the liver. Even life itself could not have put it better. Stories about party nights, young or long-lost love, and the good and ugly times of life. 


Their debut single “If It Ain’t Hurtin’“ (released in October 2022), and now their newest releases „Tequila Therapy“ and „To Us To Life“ leave no doubt that their hearts beat and bleed for a modern and gritty Country sound. Heartrending and heartbreaking. 

On May 5th, 2023, their first album „Off The Leash“ will be released. Produced by Chris Kaufmann and Caroline von Brünken in South Tyrol, Mix and Master was done by Armin Rainer and Sascha Bühren, recorded with renowned musicians in Nashville at the Blackbird Studios, and also in Germany such as Alex Höffken, Björn Werra, Nick Flade, Alex Komlew, and Jeff Rady. 



“The satisfying luxury of being able to write music without any demands feels like writing or even crying your heart and soul out - but putting these emotions directly on paper and transforming it into music,” says Chris Kaufmann. “The love for Country music was not only a bond between Chris and me. On our path, we found other people hopping on our train, and they have kept riding along ever since. We’ve already shared numerous exciting memories, from live sessions and gigs with outstanding musicians to remote sessions in the Blackbird Studios in Nashville. We’re overjoyed to share the music we made with y’all, " adds Caroline von Brünken. 


Another significant milestone on their journey will be the Boots&Guitars Tour (starting on their album release day, May 5th, 2023, in Hamburg). Together with Nik Wallner and other featured artists of the German Country in-crowd, Wild As Her will be on tour throughout the German clubs. 

No matter what, no matter how - it is and will be electrifying. 

Stay tuned and stay wild. 

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