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Wild As Her - New Modern Country Rock Pop Band

When deep passion for Country music meets an explosive and emotional mix of intimate or even gospel vocals and highly energized guitars - then you know it is Wild As Her.

Caroline von Brünken and Chris Kaufmann both no strangers to the music in-crowd of Germany. Singer and songwriter Caroline lives in Munich, Germany, and Chris is on the other side of the Alps - right in the beautiful countryside of South Tyrol, Italy. But literally, „ain’t no mountain high enough“ for them to launch Wild As Her.

For over a decade, Caroline has written songs for countless artists, and until May 2022, Chris has been the guitarist of Germany’s best-known country band legend „Truck Stop“. Both are deeply connected by a genuine and sincere love for Country Music. After listening to just a few bars, it’s pretty straightforward - their blend of sensitive to gospel-infused vocals and highly energetic guitars is genuinely explosive and carries broad emotion. 

Starting with their debut single, „If It Ain't Hurtin’" in October 2022, they both pursue their very first solo project with passion and great excitement. Since the release of their debut album "Off The Leash" in May 2023, it was clear that Wild As Her not only have a lot to say but also jawbone their audience with their live performances.

The album itself is set up with a wide range: melodic Pop Country like "If It Ain’t Hurtin’ “ but also big ballads („Beautifully Broken“), almost funky sounds à la Brothers Osborne and Jerry Reed („Good Girl“), folk and intimate moments („Queen Of Hearts“) and rockin’ indie bangers like „Guilty“ can be found. The two last songs, „Bourbon Goodbye“ and the alternative version of „Tequila Therapy (Honky Tonk Cut)“ were recorded live in the studio.
The album reflects both musicians' remarkable character and taste: wild, colorful and offbeat.


If you’re searching for the „red thread“ in Wild As Her’s music, you have to rethink - pink!

Quote of 

„The album - made in Germany - is one of the most potent anglophone debuts of the last 20 years. All songs are potential hits and provide, without exception, a cheerful mood. Within only one year, Wild As Her has already conquered a lot of fans - and they’ve only just begun. I am sure there’s a lot more to come!“

The live presentation of their new album while touring with the „Boots & Guitars“ show in May 2023 was a raving success.

Front singer Caroline has long experience in Gospel music and proved with her strong voice where the journey will lead. Wild As Her’s songs show that the German-Italian duo knows what it means when vocals and Guitars enter their songwriting world. Live: pure passion, and every note is a match. All songs are perfectly orchestrated and harmonize in an unbelievably Professional way - but always self-evident and natural.

Finally, it’s time to show and live their passion on stage. They create melodies and guitar riffs, bring stories to paper, and fulfill musical ideas that have existed for a long time - and their hearts are always 100% in it.

The „pink & wild“ era has begun.

Wild As Her - New Modern Country Rock Pop Band
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